BW Dance

Bringing deafness and music together



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Chris Barrett — Founder,,
BW Dance App converts music into vibrations and flashing lights giving deaf and hard of hearing people a chance to experience music.
Vitaliy Potapchuk — Co-Founder of BeWarned
Thanks @chrisbarrett for hunting us!

Hey guys!

I am a deaf developer and my immediate circles are also deaf (including my wife). I built BW Dance app to bring the “feeling" of the rhythm through vibrations and flashing lights into our silent world. Our deaf community has a lot of limitations and with this app one of those limitations can be defeated.

If you know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing please pass our app along to them.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

Best wishes,
Vitaliy & the BW Team
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
It makes me sad that so many people can't and never will experience the joy and "magic" of music. 💕 that this project exists.

Reminds me of Ava, an app that helps the hearing impaired converse.
Vitaliy Potapchuk — Co-Founder of BeWarned
@rrhoover Thank you very much, Ryan! This is indeed a very important topic for a lot of people. This is just the first of many products for our deaf and hard of hearing community that we will be building. Our app is absolutely free!

Keep an eye on us, there is more to come soon!
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