BW Dance

Bringing deafness and music together


Chris Barrett
@chrisbarrett · Founder, PRserve.com, TheRapTest.com
BW Dance App converts music into vibrations and flashing lights giving deaf and hard of hearing people a chance to experience music.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It makes me sad that so many people can't and never will experience the joy and "magic" of music. 💕 that this project exists. Reminds me of Ava, an app that helps the hearing impaired converse.
JB Rubinovitz
This is super cool. I've been experimenting with sonification (turning information into audio) as a data "visualization" tool for the blind and others to see if it would help them understand data better this year, and I love how well you executed conveying audio data through other senses. This is quite a feat! Are you interested in taking a similar approach… See more
Dima Pilipenko
@dimpiax · Software engineer
Great idea, great apps. Good luck!
Anton Skyba
@antonskyba · Co-founder at Moggie
Very cool app! I really like the idea.