Scan barcodes to avoid buying stuff from evil companies

Buycott's website & native apps have become the #1 place where consumers get trustworthy guidance and 'vote with their wallet'. Users select and share social impact issues and personal causes they really care about. Then when they scan product barcodes (or search), they see whether to 'avoid' or 'support' that product.

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Define “evil”. I think it’s very likely that we share the same values, however I am always concerned for and wary of language like this. Because one person (or group) has opinions, viewpoints and values on any given subject matter, does not make people who don’t share those values wrong, or bad, or indeed “evil”. This type of mentality is what drives the terrible group-think and mass “trial by social media” that we see in the world today. Perhaps the tag line should be “use this app to make sure you don’t buy products from companies that the developers of this app don’t like” Not quite as catchy, true, but more accurate.
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@mickc79 yo! I totally agree with you, I'm not the creator, just stumbled upon it and threw it up here without much thought. The tagline on the site isn't very descriptive IMO, 'Vote with your wallet'.
And what about something about buying From ethic/moral/respectful companies, maybe it's more relevant to talk about the positive action of the app and not about the "stuff" we should avoid
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@mickc79 So i was initially worried too, about one person's definition of "evil" being portrayed blindly to everyone else using the app. But after further inspection, it appears that you actually choose your values or what you want to boycott in the app through" campaigns". So for example there is an animal testing campaign to avoid companies who use animal testing. There is a Anti-Trump campaign, which I presume is avoiding companies that donated to him or something. There is an anti-NRA campaign and so forth. So i guess you choose for yourself what "evil" is based on these campaigns, and then the app actually looks at what you scan and your current "campaigns" to see if you should buy it based on your personal beliefs (and their database of companies that support/oppose your beliefs). So i am actually happy to see that "evil" isn't just a blanket statement and instead you can define what "evil" means to you.
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@_jacurtis well that’s pretty good then. Thanks for pointing that out 👍
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so much manufactured outrage
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@bitler the thing is, there is heaps of evidence for rightful outrage. Look at Nestlé. Their CEO called the idea that water is a human right "extreme." Google their baby formula scandal. They literally tried to force people to give up breast feeding in favour of their synthetic formula. Or just look how much of Nutella is palm oil, and why is that a bad thing. OR... you can pick another cause all together. Don’t like animal testing? Good, you can boycott companies that do that. Trump? You can boycott companies that support him. Or you can be oblivious to all of this. But please don’t be ignorant.
I like the idea, even though I'm not sure you should say "evil companies", it sounds kind of aggressive to me. I downloaded your app, but aven't found a product with some contents in the app when scanning it yet. I'll update you once I get to use it more, while foodshopping for exemple!
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How long before Buycott gets taken out by the illuminati? ;)
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Have been waiting for something like this. And a clever name to boot.
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