Order anything, right from Slack.

Leverage the power of Slack to get your workspaces the items they need to stay productive. From Soylent, to LaCroix, to Field Notes notebooks, if it's on Amazon, Buybot can order it and ship it right to your office (or home!).

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This is a neat idea. I could definitely see it being useful for whenever supplies run out in the office. @dougfeig What gave you and the team the idea for this?
@jakecrump Hi Jake! We found that the best way to order snacks and supplies for our office was just via Amazon. For a while, we shared an Amazon account. But the process to place an order was slow and tedious, and it was hard to coordinate orders with other people among other problems. So we built buybot, which makes it dead simple for anybody at our office to order something–just paste the link! It's super simple and feels like the future.
@jakecrump Hi Jake, one of the engineers on buybot here. We're a small office with no official office manager or other logistics-oriented person around. Ordering snacks and supplies was a huge pain. If we needed something immediately, we'd ask around in the office Slack channel and _someone_ would order it. If we wanted snacks, or food, or beverages, we'd add what we wanted to a spreadsheet and, eventually, _someone_ would order it. buybot's great for solving this -- request items in Slack, which get sent to an approver dashboard, and get instant feedback when those items are ordered. Every item's kept track of, too, so when stuff finally arrives, we know who ordered what.