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How do you pitch to a client?
Marrying our visual storytelling expertise from Piktochart with insights from 100+ interviews with consultants, our business proposal maker helps you create a compelling proposal that lands clients.
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Thanks guys for giving our tool a go! For those curious how we built it, here it is: 1. We surveyed and talked to 100+ consultants to figure out what makes a winning proposal (spoiler alert: only 1 in 3 cuts it!) - we published our findings in this interactive guide: 2. We thought: why to stop at the guide? Why not to build a tool that can help create and customize proposals on the go? We discussed the structure and sections an ideal client proposal should include and created our first prototype during one of this year's company hackathons in our HQ in Penang, Malaysia. 3. We formed a small team composed of one marketer, one core developer a.k.a Albert (and a few kind helpers) and one designer and using the prototype, we built the second version of the tool with four customizable templates which can be adjusted on the go and downloaded as a PDF. This is the first tool we've launched of this kind and we’re open to any feedback you have!
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This is such a brilliant tool and exactly what I was looking for, its always such a pain redrafting a proposal. Other proposal software is super expensive and based on monthly payments, I probably only send about 8 proposals a year but I still want them to look good. The only thing I would love to be able to do is customise the colours to match my brand and perhaps be able to select a theme font from google fonts - I would gladly pay for such a feature.
@bradclarkuk Hey Brad! Thanks for giving it a go, I'm happy you found it useful! If you'd like to further customize colors, you can actually find those proposal templates in the piktochart tool and use them for free, but the google fonts upload is a pro feature. To find the templates, go under Printable - Reports. Let me know if you need help!