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#2 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2015
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Hey there Product Hunt! Despite we co-created some other products which were on PH before, this is the first of our own products that we post over here. Since many big corporates are using our business model kit, we thought it was time to introduce it with the PH community. Even though our kit is for sale, it’s not our goal to sell hundreds of it through Product Hunt (BTW, you can download all blocks for FREE if you subscribe to our newsletter). Our goal is to get as much feedback on our kit as possible from startups, entrepreneurs, … It’s definitely a great way to find the right revenue model for your idea. So, start drawing your business model with our blocks and share it with us on social media. Would love to hear your feedback! Thanks :)
I think that the only problem of this product is the price. It's a bit high for a "box with cards" when those same cards have visual elements that can be easily replicated by everyone that is building a business model (drawing or downloading similar image set on the web)
@johntheoak for the price I'd rather buy nice pens and paper to replicate it in drawings - If I lose the HQ icon I won't have a company to run!
@johntheoak I agree on the price. For the moment we only produce these brainstorm kits with writable magnets in smaller batches so we can't lower our price much without making a loss. Most often innovation teams in larger corporates buy these sets to equip their brainstorm rooms. But we want to make the method accessible to everyone. That's why we also have the digital files available for download, for free. Thanks for your feedback!
Hey. I am slightly biased (old employee), but really like the kit. Good for illustrating relationship between different actors in the business model and subsequently challenge the underlying assumptions. However, for startups I agree this is cost worth saving, so download the kit instead. Or even better, @nickdemey & co., you guys should develop a proper digital version of this :-)
@tjalve One day well make time to build the app! :)
I have worked with Board of Innovation in the past and also with their business model kit. I can vouch for them and their product that it's really useful for big or small companies!
Really like the idea! :)