Use code PH75 for $75 off the spill-proof pet-friendly sofa.

Burrow is elegant and customizable furniture designed for your life and living room.

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I love the look and love the idea and I actually am in the market for a couch, but am having a hard time pulling the trigger because I'm super picky about how firm the cushions are and would want to feel them first. Are there any show rooms in the Bay Area?
@trcull yes it's on their website. also seems like it offers 30days trial
@trcull I really considered them until I read reviews on reddit and other websites. Do your research!

I did a full review that you can read / watch here: https://www.sofadigest.com/burro...


Delivered fast, easy to assemble


Not that high quality, there are better options for same price

I would recommend reading / watching this BEFORE buying: https://www.sofadigest.com/burro...