A simple way to keep track of bottle and breast feedings

Burp is an iPhone app that allows you to track breast and bottle feedings. Breastfeeding is tough. But keeping track of it shouldn't be. Burp is the easiest way to keep track of all of your baby's feedings. Made by a mom!

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Maker here. Would love to hear y'alls thoughts! I used Burp exclusively with my first child and will do the same with #2 (due next month). I hope Burp makes the 4th trimester slightly easier for all the mommas and poppas out there!
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@mupiter I love makers building products to improve their daily lives - do you have any plans to go beyond tracking? like turn the data into insights, or help with other parenting tasks?
@mupiter Got my first due in a few months here so I'll give this a go, thanks!
@abadesi I'd love to release more apps in the parenting space - I think less is more, so I don't plan on adding many other tasks to Burp in terms of tracking. I think it would be great to to someday look at the data, but right now I am not storing any of the data.
@joshuapinter thanks Josh! Would love your thoughts on Burp once y'all have been using it.
@abadesi @mupiter If you're thinking of making another parenting app and are interested in collaborating, let me know. I've put out a few mobile apps, including a couple of React Native ones, and it might be a topical side project over the coming months/years. :)
Love the simplicity here. I've tried many apps and many have tons of features that are overkill. Would love to see this on Android! Any plans for that? Or a web-based version?
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@conarro I am launching with iOS first to see what users like, but definitely if there is a demand for it I would consider making it for Android as well.
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@conarro @mupiter Android would be sweet indeed 😉
Neat idea but would suggest tweaking the wording on the website as not to alienate people that either are either unable to or choose not to breastfeed their baby.
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@itsnblackburn Thank you! I'll definitely read the copy through that perspective.
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This is great! I'd totally use this for tracking medicine when the baby is sick. As a parent, we've had to worry if either parent has already given medicine or trying to remember when. We usually keep track on a piece of paper (if we remember while juggling a crying/sick baby). If something notified us when it's been 4 hours past some Tylenol or something, would be cool too.
@begraffic Great idea and I definitely agree that keeping track of medicine (especially while tired) is a tough task!
How does this compare to https://play.google.com/store/ap... https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... , just because that what we are using now
@galvinw hey hey! It looks like Baby Manager and Burp differ a lot. Baby Manager tracks many things and Burp only tracks breast and bottle feedings. I made Burp out of frustration with apps that try to do everything and I just wanted something to do one thing really well, so I built Burp with this in mind and the 'less is more' mentality.
@mupiter Thanks for sharing! I don't have an operational iphone, but i'll keep a look out. We only used 2 functions religiously, sleep and food tracking. Baby Manager's food tracking isn't good enough for solids
@galvinw A sleep tracking app is on the horizon. What things did you want to track with solid food?