Burner 3.0

Disposable phone numbers -- now with MMS photo support

#3 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2014
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Hi -- cofounder here! Thanks for posting @chrismessina; feedback or questions very welcome! There's also a new Chrome extension hunters might find interesting: http://brnr.me/i62U.
@gregcohn This is a great concept! Really useful for craigslist posts!
Seems super useful for Tinder. :)
@chrismessina yep, a big use case for us.
Congrats to a great team!
Congrats @gregcohn - finally had a great use case for it a couple weeks ago and it worked perfectly.
I love Burner - how does it work in the backend though? do you just have a lot of numbers and you cycle through them
@kar2905 we prototyped on Twilio and now use several providers on the back end that can serve us clean phone numbers and provide other telephony capabilities at carrier scale. Old-school virtual number services used to have to do a lot of work to manage this part of the infrastructure on Asterix, Freeswitch, etc., but telephony is going the way of services like AWS. This is great for us -- we get to spend our time focused on the experience and user-facing features.
@gregcohn Interesting, that's pretty cool