An app for bartering, community building and more. 🙌

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I've got a nice table, and 3 vintage camera lenses off of Bunz for a whiskey and general admission to Kanye tickets
@itsrishabh HOW !! Thats so rad what did you trade?
@yourunclemort for the table: a bottle of forty creek, 3 vintage camera lenses: General Admission to Kanye in TORONTO!!!
@itsrishabh FYI, i got your welcome email, and there's no link or method for unsubscribing that I can see. Not CAN-SPAM act compliant. You may want to fix that before people start black-listing your domain.
@wuss Thanks Noah, I've logged it as an issue :)
"Bunz is a community of people trading away things they no longer need in exchange for things that they do need or want. Common trade currencies include wine, transit fare, and tall cans."
The story of Bunz is simple: In June 2013, Emily had pasta, but no sauce. She asked her neighbour for some, and they shared a meal. This interaction inspired her to start a facebook group, which over the next 3 years spawned over 200 FB groups in 48 cities, and an app with over 135,000 users in 250 cities. The concept has since expanded past bartering to become The City Network, a place that connects people to their neighbourhood by providing opportunities to chat, ask advice, find jobs, homes and help with life stuff. It's what fills the gap between online and real lives.
Hello Product Hunt! Eli here to answer any questions you have about the awesome and friendly (and slightly wacky) community that is Bunz! Joining me today is our founder @daggerdebby and our CEO @templecrash. Thanks @nikkielizdemere for hunting us!
BOOM ya Bunz! I trade stuff all the time!