100% wireless, hot-swappable smartphone battery ⚡️

Bunk is an external battery that magnetically sticks to your phone and gives you 80% more charge throughout the day.

Wireless - No cables, no fasteners, no worries.

Magnetic - Snaps to your phone effortlessly.

Auto On/Off - Starts charging when attached, automatically turns off when detached.

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Hey Product Hunters, Don’t you hate it when your battery runs out at the most important times? But don’t want to resort to ugly, heavy power bricks and cases? We designed Bunk from the ground up to be the most convenient, easy to use portable smartphone battery ever. It just snaps to your phone magnetically and start charging! 80% of smartphone owners suffer from “range anxiety” but we all know how inconvenient (and ugly) existing battery cases and power bricks are. So we built Bunk to solve that. Packed with a 1800mAh battery, 3-coil magnetic transmitter, and magnets with 80N of force, Bunk snaps perfectly onto your phone every time and provides charge. Other features include: •Auto on/off — shuts off when detached •Pass-through charging •Support for devices without wireless charging (via our super-thin receiver) We’re so happy to share our invention with you and we’d love to hear any kind of feedback! Thanks! Daniel and Will
@15greenberg Reserved and shared. Your design is crazy good, Apple could sell it in their stores
@15greenberg This looks 'delicious' haha! Wish we had options with more juice and not just 1800 mAH.
@15greenberg How do you do QI charging through the magnetic plate?
@guillaumecabane Hi Guillaume! The magnetic layer has been carefully designed. We've placed the magnets on the far edges of the part to avoid it interfering with QI charging.
For someone who just bought a 10'000 mAh wireless charging powerbank with USB A and C ports in similar size for less money, they do look kind of pricey to me.
"The world’s first wireless battery pack" seems like a cool product and it looks a nice color etc. but this statement is very disingenuous and unnecessary. I've had a wireless battery pack for over a year from other manufacturers.
@_jacksmith which one? I somehow wasn't aware they exist, would like to look into it
@anna_0x @_jacksmith Definitely not the first wireless battery pack but its unique and different than anything else.
@_jacksmith @imafricanjesus thanks, I guess I somehow missed the whole wireless revolution 😆 I do agree though that Bunk here looks pretty unique but part of the appeal probably comes from the nice marketing.

My iPhone always runs out of battery but I refuse to buy any of those battery cases out there since they're so bulky and ugly. This looks to solve that, and the magnetic snapping feature looks super cool.


Beautiful product design, solves a big problem



Why would you review it if you’ve never used the product before?
This is magical. Can you maybe give a brief explanation of how this technology works because I wasn't even aware this was possible.
@dkb868 We're using QI Wireless Charging to supply the charge - it's a standard that has been adopted by Apple, Samsung, Google (and essentially every other smartphone manufacturer) which makes Bunk near universal. No more searching for USB-C or Lightning cables! We're really excited to get this into people's hands!