Get stock for spending with your favorite brands

Bumped gives customers fractional shares of stock for spending with the brands they love. Download the app, get approved for a Bumped brokerage account, and choose which participating brands you want to be loyal to. You’ll become an owner as you shop with those brands.

The Bumped app is currently in beta — you can sign up for our waitlist and see disclosures (you know, important legalese like: “investing in securities involves risks. Invested funds are Not FDIC Insured, have No Bank Guarantee and May Lose Value”) at www.bumped.com.

Hey Product Hunters. I’m so excited to introduce Bumped to you all today. I founded Bumped on my belief that everyone deserves to be an owner. That everyone can participate in — and hopefully benefit from — ownership in the stock market. To me, ownership means having a stake in the brands you care about. It’s a show of support for the companies you want to do well and succeed. Ownership is standing with the companies that matter most to you. So, while today about only 50% of Americans invest in the stock market (even with great work from the tech and finance industries to make investing more accessible), I hope that giving customers fractional shares of stock for spending with the brands they love can change the number. Can’t wait to hear what you think. My team and I will be around and happy to answer any questions you have.
@tangonelsen cool idea - I'm interested in trying it out. What is the current wait time for getting early access? How quickly are you all creating relationships with other brands?
@tayrob5 With regards to the brands, we are in conversations as we speak. We don't have a ton of control over their timelines, but I'm happy about the conversations in motion and happy about the 19 that we do have going into the beta. With regards to early access, we look forward to extending access beyond our internal team within weeks not months. We also reserved the first couple thousand spots for our top referrers so they get in earlier. After that we will bring folks in with incrementally larger batches as we test and scale.
@tangonelsen Awesome! Excited to see who else in the industry agrees to partner. Any chance I could get in now to start using and providing early feedback?
@tayrob5 Right now we have things focused on internal team members to ensure we create a delightful experience for customers. If you signed up on the waitlist today, you are likely going to be among the first as we open up things. Thanks so much by the way!
Interesting idea, @tangonelsen. Legally, how is this executed and which businesses are supported on the platform?
@rrhoover, thanks for joining the conversation. We spent over a year in stealth mode building the technology, as well as becoming a FINRA registered broker-dealer. Because this had not been done, we had to build the brokerage element of the model to bring this to market. It is one of those ideas, that everybody asks me "why didn't I think of this".. That said, it is a model that couldn't have been carried out until now. Other predecessors have broken down different barriers that challenge the cost structures of trading stock, which helped pave the way. In fact, fractional shares of ownership in stock is itself a bit of a new concept. At this moment we are launching with 19 brands but look forward to adding more in the coming months. In beta you will see brands that include AMC, Netflix, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns', Walmart, Target, Dunkin, Jamba Juice, among others. We can't specify which are formal partners and which are testing, but beta users will get access to all that we have available. Stock rewards will be between 1% and 5% of your purchase depending on the brand. Let me know if you have other questions!
This is such a cool idea because it enables people to turn brand loyalty into real equity! Great to see more fintech innovation happening in PDX.
@jimmydouglas Thank you Jimmy - really appreciated. I'm equally excited to see how this effects the way consumers look at the brands they support. I have the feeling it will make people think twice as they spend. The primary question being - is this a company I want to own equity in? Interestingly, I've often used the example - imagine getting a share of Tesla when you lease the car. Its about bringing the customer into the brand's story - the brands that do will only extend the strength of their loyal following.
This is impressive! One or two question? This will be only available for USA costumers? Or also for internationational shoppers? Another one, online brands are going to be part of this? I mean, if I buy something on an online store of a brand, am i going to recieve a fractional share of their stock??
@thayvee Thanks for the questions - Yes, the focus is on the US market for now. There will be certain online brands available. For retailers that have an online presence our systems should catch all of those transactions as well, but that is also why we are starting in beta (to make sure we catch all those transactions). We are initially launching with 19 brands and hope to keep adding more to the list.
Great idea. How many companies are currently participating?
@rmagrino Thanks, glad you like it! Right now we are launching the beta with 19, but we are focused on adding more to that list and have a lot of conversations happening to expand.