Sharing life anonymously when YikYak meets Snachat story

Ever been curious about what’s happening around you?
BumBum provides you a place to share and view funny short videos anonymously within 300 steps from right where you’re at right this moment! Try the app and see what is going on near you!
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There are several apps that give us a place to share short videos and stories of our life to friends or publics. But there are also things I wouldn't share when my profile is linked to it. Being able to share things anonymously on BumBum makes me feel more comfortable when I want to share things that I won't share on Instagram or other social medias. Also, the features of me able to see the stories that are shared around me helps me know people around my working environment better and easier! Should all try it and see what's happening around you!!!
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Feels like Secret meets Snapchat Stories. This could get dangerous. 😁
Tseng LucasPen is stronger than a sword
Some are using it to spread words at HK Protest :p