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A business dictionary with no bullshit or fancy words.

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The Bullshit Free Dictionary is a platform that collects unconventional business definitions. No fancy words or useless technical terms. Also, everyone can put their imagination to test and contribute with new words or definitions.


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Siddharth Nahar@siddharth_nahar · Trying to find my #Chi
Bad user experience. You never show you main content as hints/tool tips
Fernando MoreiraMaker@fernand0moreira · Founder @Angry Ventures
@siddharth_nahar thks for the feedback. We made BFD (Bullshit Free Dictionary) in one afternoon. Your feedback is great for new developments.
Siddharth Nahar@siddharth_nahar · Trying to find my #Chi
@fernand0moreira instead of tooltips, you can expand the link, like a card view. Explanations can go within the expansion while user won't have to switch to multiple pages.
Fernando MoreiraMaker@fernand0moreira · Founder @Angry Ventures
@siddharth_nahar make sense!
Dimitry Alhambra@dimkir · Full stack developer @Apptentic
Idea is great, but some improvements to UI/UX are required. @siddarth_nahar is right about tooltips (they also make usage on mobile very awkward). But I wanted to propose another thing: host definitions on GitHub and add //Edit with GitHub// button. Your definitions deffo could be improved and many more can be added. "Send us email at hi@company.name" is lame and too slow.
Fernando MoreiraMaker@fernand0moreira · Founder @Angry Ventures
@dimkir Great idea! We will do that! Thks cc @github