Built with Carrd

Video training and templates for building with Carrd

Built with Carrd. The video training program that teaches you how to build and ship mini-startups in minutes.

Nick Seagers
Jaaved Khatree
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  • Shakks
    ShakksFounder @ tradeplan.io

    The templates are awesome and useful Plus Ben is very responsive.


    Walk thru is just a 5 min summary of the template were Ben briefly show around the templates.

    Was expecting a walk thru on making the template from start to finish with more details. But even without all that just the template are a steal at this price.

    Shakks has used this product for one day.
I've been working on this course for a little while. It gives you 11 or 21 templates (depending on $$) for Carrd.co and quick video tutorials to explain them. You can get 60% off the launch price AND 40% off Carrd PRO plans if you sign up today. Enrollment closes midnight tomorrow. I see this as a growing course so we have a private Slack for all to hang in, ask questions, get recommendations etc. And I'll add content based on what is suggested. e.g. if a feature or workflow needs some extra explanation, I'll fire up a quick screen recording to explain it. Because sitting and just watching a video is no way to really learn - you need interaction, digging into the details and sometimes some real help!
Been a member of previous Ben’s newco community for a while and even if you not gonna build stuff - check a few tutorials to change your mindset of doing things really fast. I hope Carrd sponsors Ben :D
@_n1ks haha Carrd gives me enough as it is! thanks!
That's awesome Ben. Have been using Carrd for a while now!
Carrd is awesome!
If there is an expert of Carrd, it's definitely @bentossell 👍 Seeing him build an important numbers of quality pages that can be used by everyone is impressive. @ajlkn built a really great product with Carrd and Ben helps you use it at its full potential for your projects and companies!