Build Your Audience With Podcasts From WordPress Articles

Create compelling podcasts in minutes with our BuildBubbles templates, music, and voices. No microphone or expensive studio equipment required! Just your WordPress articles. Yet they sound awesome!
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It’s so good !
@vava_varaporn Thank you so much. :D
It is a good web helping the blogger easily create interesting content.
Hi everyone! I’m Max and I’m really excited to launch our BuildBubbles service on Product Hunt. More people are blogging than ever. But at the same time, more people today prefer to listen rather than read. So, we thought: What if bloggers could offer a way for people to listen to their content? Converting a written blog to a podcast involves what’s known as text-to-speech. But text-to-speech alone cannot create podcasts that connect with people. Good podcasts need more than a voice to tell the story: They need music and rhythm to create an emotional impact. That’s why we came up with BuildBubbles. It’s a web app that can help bloggers easily make awesome podcasts without a microphone or studio equipment. Bloggers do not even need to know how to edit the podcast. BuildBubbles converts written blog posts into compelling podcasts with sound design! With BuildBubbles, your blog will stand out and you’ll reach a much wider audience. As a content provider, you spend a lot of time creating interesting content. Make sure it reaches as many people as possible! BuildBubbles is easy and intuitive. Just three steps and a few minutes and it’s done! 1. Paste a link of your WordPress blog post you’d like to convert to a podcast 2. Choose the BuildBubbles podcast template and voices you want 3. Edit your podcast if you wish. Once you’re finished, you can download it or embed it in your blog. We currently have six templates with eight voices (more are coming) and 100+ choices of music in our library. Our templates are versatile and can be used for a variety of podcasts. We are planning to add more templates every week. We will support languages other than English in the future and add more voice selections. Please try it! We’d love to hear your feedback.
Very interesting product and the video demo is so cool :). Does the voice in the promo video also be generated from your program?
@tobiiliberrry Thank you very much. We appreciate you comments and glad that you like it. Yes, The voices in the promo video also generated from our app.
Very unique product. These days I tend to listen to lots of podcasts and not necessarily have time to read. This would definitely help many content creators to make and distribute their content in a different channel where they are not an expert at. Adding music is a nice feature! would make a listening experience a lot smoother.
@khem Thank you very much. We are glad that you like the idea and also appreciate the music. It is one of the element that really make a BIG difference to create the good podcasts. Yes, having podcasts provide more opportunity for the busy people to get into the content easier. We hope to see people doing more and more Podcasts. Thanks again. :D