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Congrats @carlosgavina !!! So excited to see this reborn :)
I was wondering why I had a few Build It With Me notifications in my inbox this morning! I always felt it had huge potential. I've actually worked on a few side projects that only happened because of it. @carlosgavina It's great to see this relaunched. Do you have any plans for monetization? (if anyone is looking to build cool products and is looking for a UI designer, feel free to reach out!
@jordanborth thanks! Excited to see people returning to the service too :) There're a few ideas for monetization - but nothing that would require users to pay to use the service - although for now we are just focused on fine tuning and the next features to make it easier and easier for people to connect and follow Ideas progress *wink*
@behoff When I saw the launch email in my inbox I was so excited, although I completely forgot about it. I think it would've been better to send more emails so that no one forgets that they signed up.
@ghiliweld thanks! We're planning to update the website in the near future and announce by email :)
Drew Wilson! Is that you! - I kid! huge fan, user of the old Buildit with me. Excited to see the next best thing.
love the idea behind this. Might be a good idea to talk to the folks who were working on assembly folk to hear what worked well for them