Automated crash monitoring for web and mobile apps

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Switched from Airbrake to Bugsnag a few months ago. Would highly recommend it. Interface doesn't just look great, but works great too.
James here (Bugsnag founder), let me know if you have any questions or feedback, always happy to help! We're also based in SF, so if anyone wants to swing by the office for a beer let me know :)
@loopj beers and burritos, let's make this happen.
I highly recommend Bugsnag to anyone taking bug tracking seriously. I've been using it on a small/large projects and it just works. Great product!
Lots of these, though many don't do it well. What makes your solution different, James?
@benparr great question. Bugsnag is the *only* cross-platform monitoring solution (mobile+backend+frontend), so you can see crashes from all of your apps on a single dashboard. We have a strong focus on actionability. Sometimes it simply isn't possible or ROI-positive to fix a crash, so we make it crystal clear which crashes impact the most customers, and how bad each crash is. We also have the best grouping algorithms (secret sauce) on the market, meaning you'll never get double-notified about a crash, and you can track the progress of each crash through every stage of the development process (dev -> staging -> beta -> prod). Another important difference is that Bugsnag tries to fit into your existing workflows, integrating with every major team chat and issue tracking system so your team can see crashes in their current dashboards. Happy to answer any follow-up questions!
Sales Beach loves and pays for bugsnag on the regular. Highly recommended by the engineering team.