Buglife for Android

Awesome in-app bug reporting, now on Android

Buglife is an awesome SDK & web platform reporting bugs & collecting feedback. Now on Android! With Buglife, users can report bugs & submit feedback directly within your app. Buglife collects logs & environment data, then automatically creates rich tickets in Jira, Trello, Asana, or whatever tool you're using.

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HELLO HUNTERS OF PRODUCTS! I’m Dave Schukin, co-founder of Buglife. Buglife is an awesome SDK & web platform for reporting bugs & collecting feedback within mobile apps. We initially launched last year with an iOS SDK, and today we’re super excited, thrilled, and borderline hysterical to release Buglife for Android. 😱😎🤘 We’re a few mobile developers who have been crafting apps & developer tools since the first iPhone & Android devices were released. We’ve shipped beta builds directly to Jeff Bezos, and shipped v1’s to hundreds of millions of users. We got tired of getting half-baked bug reports, seeing revenue-impacting bugs slip through the cracks, and spending hours punching things into Jira. With Buglife for Android, we’re also adding: • Screen recording • Customizable forms • Themes • More 3rd-party integrations, with custom field mapping Oh, and obligatory ProductHunt deal: Through the end of this week, get 20% off a year-long Buglife Pro subscription using the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT. The best companies in the world use Buglife in their apps. You should too, obviously. And then tell us what you think, cause we love feedback!
At @breaker, we use Buglife for our iOS app and our users love it! It’s very easy for users to contact us with bug reports and feedback. The interface allows users to annotate screenshots and leave a detailed report for us. When we receive the report, we also get info about the user and their device (OS version, battery level, etc) which has been crucial for quickly debugging. We don’t have an Android app yet, but now we’ll be able to use Buglife when we do!

We're integrating Buglife into our internal builds. The engineers reported that it was easy, and the larger team loves the tool.


Faster and better internal usability testing


Haven't launched it to all users yet!

We use Buglife for Android and iOS for having our internal beta testers report bugs. It gets used every day by technical and non-technical people across the company, and everybody has had great experiences using it. Furthermore, the Buglife team has been very receptive to our requests and responsive to any issues that we've reported, making them a great partner.


Easy to integrate, easy to use, great UI!


The Buglife team has added all the features and fixed all the bugs we've asked for. No improvements to suggest anymore!