Use GitHub Issues in Slack

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Super cool and useful. Can't wait to see what the folks at Small Wins do next.
@benbrown me too! 🙌
Keep all your issues in Slack. First product from the team at Small Wins (https://smallwins.today/) one of three companies that Slack invested in via their fund. Love the name.
@ryan what is the story behind building bugbot? What are some of the big issues you face?
@bentossell ooh, looking forward to answering this question! But I will inevitably say dumb stuff if I answer questions at 1am (which it is right now). I'll check back first thing in the morning to discuss more!
@bentossell so not surprisingly, we've been thinking a lot about conversational interfaces at Small Wins, and how they can influence workflows and reduce friction. (I wrote some stuff related to that here: https://medium.com/@ryan/bots-me...) With the Slack App Directory coming, we had a lot of hypotheses we wanted to test. We also knew there was a lot of brand new Slack code we'd need to write to build our other, bigger product we're going to ship next year, so we wanted to be good citizens to the burgeoning Slack community and start seed as much as we could. This also included: * Bugbot open source: https://github.com/smallwins/bugbot * Slack Express - Slack slash command middleware for Express: https://github.com/smallwins/sla... * Slack JS API client: https://github.com/smallwins/slack * Slack UI template for Sketch: https://github.com/smallwins/sla... Of course, we also got to scratch our own itch here, too. We use GitHub Issues, and creating them from within Slack is seriously so nice. Give it a shot!
Wow, I upgraded our Intercom Pro package to get this kind of integration... Maybe this would be better/more economical.