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I've been super thankful to work with many people in the team on this one: - @leowid: biz dev - @rdutel: customer development - me: product - @brian_lovin: product - @msanromanv: engineering the analytics feature - @sunils34 and @josemdev: backend engineering - @nieldlr: front-end engineering - @kevanlee and @courtneyseiter: marketing - Of course, everyone in the whole team was involved in a big way too. With my product hat on, I would love to tap into the Product Hunt community expertise. We were lucky to be able to be one of the final partners to join the Pinterest Marketing Developer Program, and this meant working with a short timeframe of one month to put all of this together. It was very exciting. As a result of us moving fast with this, we had to choose very deliberately about what went into the launch version, and what might come later. As an established startup with 4.5 years of iteration and new features and growth, I think we managed to hit the right balance of what to include, and what to exclude. This is one of the features where I feel like we really produced an MVP which is truly viable and has had customer research to validate assumptions. At the same time, we did move fast, and I think there will be quite a lot we can improve here. This is just the beginning, and we'd like to keep the momentum going. You guys all have a great eye for product and user experience, so I'd be massively appreciative if you get a chance to connect your Pinterest account, schedule a few pins and let me know if anything feels off. Thanks so much! 👊
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@leowid @joelgascoigne Congrats you guys. This is BIG. :)
Nice! Buffer is one of Pinterest's early API integration partners. This use case makes so much sense.
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@rrhoover Yes! We've been incredibly excited about this partnership! One of the things that makes Buffer the most valuable is to reduce the time spent especially when you post a lot - Pinterest has one of the highest posting frequencies of all social networks - it's completely ok to post even hundreds of times a day - which makes Buffer (hopefully!) even more useful. :)
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love it.. now only if Instagram allows this too :) .. @rrhoover @leowid
Buffer has to be one of my favorite social tools. Seeing new features added gets me more excited than it should.
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This and Pablo are sure to be a winning combo! http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
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@lexkon I agree Alex! We're certainly planning to make Pablo more Pinterest friendly too :-)
bring custom dimensions plz :) @lexkon @joelgascoigne
Woohoo! At last! :D