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Hey Everyone :) I'm Super, a product manager on the Buffer team. Excited to be on Product Hunt today and to answer any questions you might have about Buffer for Instagram! I'm so grateful to our Buffer team and our Buffer community for helping shape this feature into what it's become. As you may know, Instagram does not allow outside apps to post directly to Instagram via their API just yet. So while Buffer can’t do the posting for you, we’re excited to help you at every step leading right up to it! We hope it helps give you an even greater voice on Instagram. Thanks again for your support :)
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@suprasannam This is awesome. I love how the technical restrictions did not stop you guys from delivering on the general promise of what Buffer stands for. Great video overview. Buffer for me = transparency + creativity + masterful customer service.
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@sarthakgh Wow Sar - so happy that's what Buffer means to you! Thanks for taking the time to share :)
@suprasannam This is awesome. Looks like Buffer for Instagram completes the entire suite of products I use often – and would need a scheduling tool for. I had some quick feedback on the marketing page you put together. https://www.opentest.co/share/e8... What do you think?
@suprasannam I started using it today along with Pablo and the experience is amazing. I was spending so many hours designing IG posts and scheduling them with different apps.
Hi @suprasannam, I like how you shortened your name, Super. bit.ly will be proud.
Nice video overview:
It's unfortunately Instagram doesn't provide a write API so you don't have to awkwardly publish via your phone. Surprising considering they're building more for businesses (see Instagram for Business).
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@rrhoover Agreed, I was pretty amazed they didn't include it with their business offering - especially given the # of companies out there doing it anyways in the hack fashion.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan :) Yeah, hopefully Instagram considers opening their API up some more soon! It is super exciting to see that they're headed more and more towards supporting businesses with their new features. Will be interesting to see what the rest of 2016 brings from them :)
@suprasannam @rrhoover totally agree with the sentiment here. we use buffer for twitter and pinterest like crazy, instagram has always been the PITA but I guess the philosophy is that it's supposed to be a personal publishing platform. But now that they are moving more towards supporting businesses, hopefully an API is on it's way, or not :)
@rrhoover I think everyone can agree that not being able to schedule posts sucks bigtime. What I do love is that Buffer is owning the fact that Instagram doesn't let you do it in this product offering. Traditionally I've felt like any of the scheduling apps that offer Instagram support are trying to hide this fact. "We've added Instagram support!" "Wait, so I can schedule posts to Instagram with your app now!" "We've created a system that will make it much easier for you to post at the right times!" "Wait, so does it schedule them for me?" "With our app, scheduling your IG photos is a breeze!" "Yes, but will it post at certain times automatically?" "You'll love our new IG features!"
@suprasannam Great video. That bit at 2:28 with regards to multiple accounts is going to be such a hassle. I'd ask if IG lets you automatically change the account for me, but I'm guessing the answer is 'no'. I've actually noticed it's somewhat buggy even in iOS - I'm frequently logged out of an account when I check my iOS notifications while another account is selected.
Congrats on launching this, Buffer team.
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@matt_aunger Thank you Matt! :)
Best implementation of this given the restrictions yet.
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@andrewpflynn So great to hear that Andrew - thanks! :)
Just setup my accounts! Super helpful in hitting my OKR's this quarter to post more consistently on Instagram :)
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@benterry Wahoo! Amazing that we can help you hit your OKR's :) Best of luck this quarter and thanks for using Buffer :)
@benterry looking forward to seeing more pictures of Todd, Ross, and The Park on ig! ;)