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January of this year I bailed out on normal life, sold just about everything and bought an RV. Now my wife, 3 kiddos and I live on the road and are traveling the US for all of 2015. Was going to blog about the whole thing, but none of the options out there had exactly what I wanted. So I was going to make a tool for my wife and I to use that would make posting photo-centric blog posts easy. Well, me being me, it turned into a product lol! Never got around to actually building it until last week. 7 days later Buffalo is here! Designed to make positing articles really fast and pretty. Buffalo is a photo-centric and type-tastey blogging platform. More typeface pairings will be added in the future. And currently there are a number of header/hero image stylings. It was all super fun to make. I learned a lot with my previous blogging platform Roon. So this is another take on making blogging super simple. Try it out and let me know what you think!
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@drewwilson Congrats! And enjoy the open road. Sounds amazing. Looking forward to your posts.
@adammash oh and you can subscribe via email ;) rad automatic feature on Buffalo.
@drewwilson Plug for Drew and @aeliox's Narwhals podcast. It's informative/fun, and you get to hear Drew and Keiran talk about making/doing stuff.
I love the clean design, @drewwilson, but I have to play devil's advocate. Do we need another blogging platform? Why use this over Medium, Svbtle, Tumblr, and others? Personally, I care more about distribution (to the right audience) which is primarily why I publish on Medium today. Although they don't have the same distribution as major tech publications like TechCrunch, my content has a greater chance of reaching new people and re-engaging a relevant audience than if post on ryanhoover.me.
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@rrhoover The world certainly does not need another blogging platform/service. But I did :) So that's why I made it. I don't want to blog on Medium because it doesn't look like the way I want it, and also other people's content is in my post (And a few other reasons). In contrast Buffalo gives you a custom domain for free and enables you to remove all the Buffalo branding. So if you're like me and wouldn't want Medium as your primary blog, I hope Buffalo will work splendidly for you :)
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@drewwilson best response ever. πŸ˜€
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@rrhoover @drewwilson 100% spot on. Most products (on PH or not) don't fill a need, they provide convenience and efficiency or invent "needs" to fulfill. I've always been in the mindset of solving for my own "needs", and only recently started sharing these "answers" with the world. It's really fun, and cool to see how others have had these same perceived "needs."
I do have one question. When are you gonna set free all your clones? P.S. Congrats for launching this, it looks awesome!
@mbavio haha! NEVER! they exist for me to force pixels and codez upon! and thanks!
This is pretty cool. Really easy to publish content. It took me less than five minutes to publish an article that I wrote on my blog see on Buffalo here . After reading the comments above about Medium I completely understand @drewwilson. One feature that I am really super excited about is the Google Analytics integration. Medium surely does not provide that.
This is gorgeous!
@pjrvs thanks manny!