Build, deploy & gather feedback for your mobile apps

buddybuild is a development service to make it easier to create and iterate on apps.

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Thanks for the hunt! Buddybuild is a mobile iteration platform... We want to help mobile developers build better apps, faster. To do so, we've built an end-to-end system that unlocks a simple workflow: build, deploy, gather feedback and iterate. Buddybuild is a mobile focused continuous integration, continuous deployment and user feedback solution that takes minutes to setup. As we tried using existing solutions, we felt that there was an unnecessary amount of complexity involved in creating builds, getting those builds to users and then getting meaningful and actionable feedback from those users. With buddybuild, you no longer need to cobble together disparate systems to meet your mobile development needs. We'd love to get feedback from Product Hunt community - what are we missing? What works? What doesn't? We'd love to get your thoughts!
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@dennispilarinos Well done. I like it. I've talked to over 1000 mobile app developers in the last year. I'll be mentioning this tool in the future. ;)
The Volley team has been using BuddyBuild in alpha for the last few months. In fact, we used BB throughout the prototyping,beta-testing and eventual shipping of Volley for iOS. It's made the entire process of gathering feedback from beta testers incredibly seamless - and the integration with github issue tracking is awesome 😍 Congrats to Dennis and team on building such a useful platform
@mimurchison Thanks for the kind words Mike! We love the volley team!
Sweet product from a solid team
@destraynor Thanks Des - that means a lot coming from the Intercom guys!
I was extremely impressed when Buddybuild was able to pull and build our fairly complex project with ease. We use Carthage, Cocoapods, and some standalone Swift libraries so getting this to build on Xcode Server or Travis is a major pain. This is an amazing product!
I've been using buddy build for a couple of projects over the last 4 months and I will say it's exactly what's missing in the build deploy gather feedback cycle with iOS apps. However the biggest win here is the meta menu that uses the screenshot functionality. Dennis - what are the next innovations you have in store for the meta menu?
@nedrockson Thanks for being such an awesome early adopter Ned. Your feedback has been invaluable. The "meta menu" part of the SDK that we've built to help close the loop with your beta testers. The SDK offers the following features: 1) Visual Bug Reporter (the screenshot feature) - users simply take a screenshot to share any feedback they might have with your app. Our feedback reporter sends graphically annotated screenshots, feedback notes and device metadata to your team. 2) Crash Reporting - buddybuild gives you "next generation" crash reporting. Along with stack traces, we'll show you whose device crashed, the offending lines of source code, and any relevant device metadata. 3) Usage Analytics - Know when your testers download and launch your app in real time. Identify who tested your app, when they launched it and what version they tested. 4) App-to-date - we'll detect if your tester should be running a new build and automatically prompt them to install the latest version of your app. We have a slew of other SDK features forthcoming... stay tuned ;)