On-demand accident insurance for an active life.

Buddy offers the first and only on-demand accident insurance for people living an active life. No deductible, no year-long commitment, no wait, just benefits paid directly to you if you get injured doing fun stuff.
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Greetings! I'm Charles, CEO of Buddy. I spend as much of my time as I can riding bikes, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. A few years ago, my friends and I realized that lots of the folks who we spend our time having fun with were coming up short on cash if they had to go to the ER or Hospital for an accident. "What about health insurance?" Great question! Many of us have health insurance either through our work or through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Unfortunately, for the average plan, your deductible is a couple thousand dollars or more. If you have an accident, deductibles are just the starting point. Add on physical therapy, transportation, and a number of other non-healthcare costs, and you can find yourself with some hefty bills. After seeing one too many GoFundMe campaigns, my co-founders, @iamvogey and @jay_paul1, and I decided that we could do something about it. So, we've created an on-demand accident insurance platform that allows you to get covered instantly. A policy can be as short as a day or as long as a year—you decide! If you get hurt, benefits are paid based on how badly you're injured, and they are paid directly to you. You can get covered directly through the site, and our partner API allows for on-demand accident insurance to be integrated with all kinds of registration, booking, and fitness platforms, so if you organize events, we can help protect all of your participants! Our team is around for questions, so just drop 'em here 👇... or is it here 👆? Either way, we'll answer!
Buddy is a fabulous product, much needed, from a fabulous team. I highly recommend checking it out if you ski, snowboard, bike, etc with any regularity in particular.
@tommyrva Thanks for the shoutout!
I wish this was around 4 years ago when I tore my ACL. This is a no brainer for all my outdoor friends! Can't speak highly enough about the team who put this together.
@chris_malo thanks for the kind words. If you do the other ACL, we'll be here for you.
I'm a long-time outdoor enthusiast, hobbyist, adventurer, ... whatever elser. And I'm stoked to see a company like Buddy on the market. I've worked with adventure insurance providers in the past, but none of them have come close to competing with Buddy's level of expertise or professionalism. They just seem to understand what's actually important and needed within the outdoor adventure community.
@bluetec hey, thanks! We always enjoy your stories and glad we could turn you onto Tenacious Tape.
For the next Bella Coola trip, eh @mikesimonsen1?
@mikesimonsen1 @dangreenoh Just let us know. Can we bring anything? :)