Bubi Chat

Location based anonymous chatting app

Bubi is the most fun way to chatting with other people at a location 👻
Bubi access your location and it shows nearby places as chat rooms. You can enter this room and chat with other people as anonymously.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
I am glad to announce to you the Bubi Chat. It allows you to chat with other people anonymously. Bubi Chat understands what place you are in and allows you to chat with the people who are in the same place which is valuable for chatting. You can enter the chat rooms, with an avatar which is set randomly in a fun way and start to chat! If you don't like the avatar you can change it and if you don't like the chat room you can easily jump into another chat room in the nearby places. Here are some cool occasions where you can use it - You are waiting for one of your friends in a coffee place, no need to get bored while waiting! You can join the chat room in the coffee place and start chatting with the people randomly. - You are in an event, you can talk to the community in a chat room and share anything you like instead of wasting your time creating email or WhatsApp group. Just use the Bubi! - You are in a soccer or basketball game and talk about the team and the ambiance by just joining the chat room in the stadium and start chatting! ANYWHERE, ANYONE, ANYTIME P.S Bubi made with love <3
So excited! Congrats.
@sinan_gul Thanks a lot :)
From now on its my fav app!!
Woow, it is super cool! I really like it!
Cool! Congrats.