Ready-made templates to build apps without code on Bubble

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LevonMaker@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode
Thanks @bramk Hey product hunters! You might have already heard about Bubble (with 2000+ upvotes on PH ;) https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) - a revolutionary platform that allows building web and mobile applications without writing a single line of code. It’s not only easier, cheaper and more fun than coding, but also much faster. As a certified partner of Bubble, we are now taking one step forward to make it even faster. We introduce Bubble templates - ready-made apps which you can modify instantaneously and launch your product in a matter of days. You no longer need to create the apps from scratch. If you don’t find a desired template, just leave a suggestion here or on our website and we will look into creating it! By the way, Bubblestore is also built on Bubble without writing a single line of code :) I'll be here all day to answer your questions and comments.
Emmanuel Straschnov
Emmanuel StraschnovHiring@estraschnov · Founder, Bubble
This is awesome! A lot of users have asked us to provide templates, and while it's not our core thing (we're building a visual programming tool), it's really great to see this come from the community! Congrats (and thanks!)
LevonMaker@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode
@estraschnov Thanks Emmanuel! We are excited to be part of Bubble community and are very passionate to contribute to the entire no-code movement. We really believe that templates will make it even easier and faster to create no-code apps on Bubble and will make Bubble more popular as a platform :)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
I discovered Bubble on PH and have been playing around with the free plan to work out some new ideas. As a non-coder I had some struggles while building Startup Stash (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) and wish I knew about Bubble before lol. I ran into Bubblestore which is selling ready-made templates for Bubble, similar to themeforest for WP and Bootstrap themes.
erwin blom
erwin blom@erwblo · @TIStv / @Fastmoving / @stek_io
@bramk Love Bubble and Levon!
LevonMaker@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode
@erwblo Thank you Erwin, love you back :)
Andrew Gassen
Andrew Gassen@potentialthings
I haven't purchased anything from the store, but I browse it regularly and am impressed with how often they make improvements based on feedback from the community. Bubble is a fantastic tool, and the work Levon and his team have done here help facilitate the overall goal of Bubble.
LevonMaker@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode
@potentialthings Thank you Andrew for such a feedback. We'll try to keep it up :)
NigelGodfrey@nigelgodfrey · Insurance Weasel
These templates are going to be super useful for new and old Bubble users alike. It is a great community and we have lots of people getting on and making their ideas real without needing to learn to code or hire a programmer. A quiet revolution is underway.
LevonMaker@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode
@nigelgodfrey Very true, Nigel, agree with every word!