BTT Remote

A remote control for you Mac, using your iPhone or iPad

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Useful for trolling your coworkers. 😁
ThanasisHunter@tnsrig · UI/UX @EU_Commission
An amazing mac remote app from the guys that making Product Description: BTT Remote (BTT stands for BetterTouchTool) is a great remote control for your Mac. It allows you to take almost full control over your Mac and all the apps installed on it. BTT Remote is free, so you can test whether the connection with your Mac works and if you like the general look and feel. However if you want to use all the features you'll have to upgrade to the PRO version. In order to use it you need to have BetterTouchTool installed on your Mac (which can be downloaded for free on BTT Remote requires at least OS X Lion (10.7) running on your Mac. Your iPhone must be in the same WiFi network as your Mac, enterprise networks may not work.
FreeMan@_f_r_e_e_m_a_n · hey
dazi@dazi786 · CEO,Helpiez
It can be a must having apps for mac users :)
Randy Miller
Randy Miller@milla_killa · srWorx. Vitality Films. Ex-MoversSuite.
Hard to beat @flxschwarz's Remote Buddy for extensibility, power and ease of use. Especially with the new iOS app. How does this compare/contrast?