Brutal Honesty

Your friends are lying. Get an honest opinion for $10.

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This is interesting. For now it's just one guy, but I imagine it could be scaled. We could all use some honest feedback once in a while...
Creator here. The response over the last week has been awesome - lots of positive feedback. I've thought about ways to scale, but for now I'm simply enjoying connecting with people. I may add a blog over the next couple of days, posting submissions I've received (with permission, of course), but we'll see.
@speizerweb Good idea, imo :)
@speizerweb @kjemperud So HackerNews, then top of Reddit/entrepreneur, now ProductHunt... where to next? :)
@speizerweb Great job dude. Here is another example of what @rrhoover describes as "dumb apps", apps that are actually breaking the trends and going left when everybody else is going right. Questions: What were your experiements for getting early traction on this? I mean, who are the demographics you found most in need of some radical honesty? Thanks.
@narekk I knew when I was creating it that I could probably get it to the front page of Hacker News if I positioned it correctly, and sure enough, it worked. I don't get demographic info from the people who pay (just their email address) and so I don't really know for sure, but it's definitely been mostly male, late 20's to early 40's, and in tech. So really, someone a lot like me.
So nice to see solopreneur listed on PH. Few days back, I had seen his post on Reddit and lots of criticism but today he must be flooded with 1Os & 100s :)
@santoshmaharshi I saw that Reddit Post the other day, was a great read
Compelled by the idea. If I take the optimistic view, this product improves friendships and ultimately, one's own life. I am certain I have lied to friends in the past because I didn't want to hurt their feelings - about their company, their relationships, etc. And I'm sure I have been lied to by friends as well - perhaps for the same reasons or for more nefarious ones. Either way - something that increases the proportion of truth in the world seems good.
What's so compelling is the feeling that you'll be at the point of attention by someone. Having another human being think about you and you alone feels special. I would bet people are more attracted to the personal connection than the objective value of the opinion. The formula that makes this work is having a detailed bio that makes it clear who will be providing feedback. I could imagine you have a section where you could pick who you want to give you feedback. ("Feedback from Emily. Feedback from Mark. Feedback from Thomas.")
@jiggityk good points. Kindly, an app for peer-to-peer advice/therapy, might be interesting to you. cc @jordanwalker
@jiggityk so true, we're finding that a lot as well with our app Kindly. More often than not, people are seeking connection, conversation and a bit of serendipity rather than direct answers. It's why we've chosen synchronous chat over forum based Q&A for our app. cc @rrhoover