Brush Ninja

Hand-drawn Animated Gif Creator

Brush Ninja is an animated Gif creator, easily create your own gifs in the browser.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Nice work Ben! Looks really well done and good fun :)
Congrats on launching! What was the hardest part about building Brush Ninja? @binarymoon
@abadesi hi - thanks! :) The hardest part was learning Electron so I could make the desktop version. For the web version, it was probably making it work well on all devices (mobile browsers) - I think I have more to do to improve the mobile experience but it works at least.
Very nice design. Does it support high quality gifs? I've experienced big differences between Gif creators some of them create poor results (color palette) , and there are very few that can export high quality results (seems like not limited to 256 color palette)
@csaba_kissi Thanks :) Honestly I don't know how the quality compares. I've tested quite a few different animations and not seen anything terrible happen so hopefully it's good enough. I used gif.js for the gif generation ( and it has some different quality and dither settings but the defaults have been good so far.
This looks fun. Reminds me of my days fiddling with Flash. 😁
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I used to work at so have spent a lot of time working with Flash myself, it was definitely an inspiration :)
@binarymoon Miniclip! Loved that site. :)
Will it be possible to use a custom image "from URL" in the future?
@orliesaurus For the backgrounds? It's on my todo list, yeah πŸ˜€