Open links with different browsers according to rules

For example, you are using Safari heavily in day life, but you'd like to use Chrome to open websites of work. You could add a rule for it, then every external links (links not in browser) will be opened in Chrome.


1. Add rules to open browsers for specified websites.

2. Add other browser to handle links.

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Will the app support opening links in different Chrome profiles as well as different browsers?
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@am_alakkad Good idea, I’ll look into it.
It would be great if this app can hide itself in Dock and be present in status bar instead.
@ezo I agree; @wxt2005 it would be good if this was a status bar application instead of a windowed application.
Does this app support the Brave browser? I have a similar app already, but they don't support Brave... if you do I'd switch :)
@fearmediocrity I will look into it, thanks for advice :)
@fearmediocrity In fact it supports Brave browser or any other browsers now, you can add it from browsers panel. There is a bug prevents newly added browsers from listing in add rule window, you can quit BrowserOpener and reopen it, then it will appears in the browser list, and all things works fine. I'll fix this bug in next version.
Hey @波涛 how does this compare to choosy
@oscargemorrison In terms of price at least, this one is cheaper :D