The effortless way to build WordPress websites visually


Brizy is a new way of building WordPress pages visually for free. No designer or developer skills required.

Some highlights: easy to use, clutter free interface, non-distracting, comes with a pre-made design kit.

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39 Reviews4.9/5

There are quite many players in this niche. The best thing about Brizy is that they have not only brought a product even in their free version that has enough features to stand up in the crowd, but has been really innovative and focused on end UX. . The drag n drop is very smooth. Brizy free comes with enough for a regular user, that you probably get only in premium versions of many builders out there. Cant wait to use two of my favorite features that Brizy pro is bringing - dynamic content and role manager. I believe this would be a great revolution in wordpress page building and the team behind (ThemeFuse) are skilled enough with years of experience to realise it.


Fast, Frontend focused, better UX without much of a learning curve


Nothing significant that cannot be fixed.

Thanks a lot for the review Dino, we have some great features prepared for the Pro so stay tuned :)
Thank you Dino for your kind words ;)

Loving every moment I spent with Brizy. Have used various other builders but this one has an edge over others in terms of unique design flow and smoothness.

Though, it's still a very new product and need more pre-made blocks, templates,

and some traditional yet mandatory features to completely replace my need of using other popular builders for production sites.


Fast, easy, smooth and feature rich.


Nothing as such. Need few more features to perfectly declare it as website builder, not just page builder. Many useful feature are upcoming.

Thanks man. Indeed we will be adding a lot of stuff in the months to come. The team is pushing as hard as it can for the Pro as well as bringing more features in the Free.

Brizy has just launched and straightaway it possesess first of its kind features like global typography, colors, easiest block and section building,

clutter free interface (probably the cleanest). And if we can vision the upcoming features then Brizy is about to create a new bench mark in website building.

It has more features in the free version than many of the paid builders which is astounding to see.


Unique & solid first of its kind builder


Very few but its a brand new one. And lots of features upcoming.

Yeah its looking cool.
Thanks for your kind words. Brizy. A new bench mark in website building. I'll steal that tag line :P :)))

I have been using it for a while on a test web-page. I can say that "Brizy is a lite l33t page builder for @wordpress." And you can quote that :) The interface is dangerously creative & attractive! I highly recommend Brizy for WordPress of all levels.


Fast, clean, smart, lite, clean, elegant, free version, and I guess it's open source


Nothing so far

I did a test comparing Elementor and Brizy (both free versions) and it was much easier to create a web page with Brizy and the look and feel was much better. I love it


Really easy to use and great results


We need to wait 3 months for the Pro version.

Maybe you'll not have to wait 3 months, we'll see :) Can't tell you more right now ...

Looking forward to the new features and capabilities - in such a short time it already does things better than established players in this market.


Easy and intuitive that is unlike any other page builder


None yet

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Peter.

I am impressed by what Brizy has been able to do with the amount of time it has been on the market. I am interested to see what the future holds which is why I am investing in Brizy's pagebuilder. I think it will likely give Divi and Elementor a run for their money.


Great UI/UX, Image editor, Global Colors/Fonts


No proven dynamic content, missing a lot of staples of pagebuilders

Thanks Patrick, we are are pushing 1-2 updates a week now. The team is working harder than ever. A couple of features are in the works, others we didn't even started yet, others only ideas. We'll get there eventually there is no doubt about it. Great times ahead.

Brizy is a fast and easy to use Wordpress Page Builder. It offers features out of the box that other much more mature tools still lack. On the other hand it is apparent in the lack of some features how young brizy still is. I am sure it will mature and cannot wait until Brizy Pro is released.


Fast and easy to use.


Not as advanced as other older tools.

Hey Micha, thanks for the review. We still have some features to add and together with all the users features requests we have on our public Github that makes a long list of things to add. We'll get there no worries. Thanks again.

I am SO excited about this page builder. Beautiful and easy to work with.


LOVE the inline design builder, global settings, and pre-made blocks.


Would love a few more features in the free version, otherwise it's fantastic.

Thanks for dropping by Kim. We are super excited our selves. The feedback is fantastic and all the positive heat we've experienced since launch only confirms the need of a design tool for the web that lets you create your website without skill or effort.

The team is doing a great job. If they can maintain this trajectory then Brizy will rocket ahead.


Ease of use, come a long way in a short time, more like the "next generation" than "just another" page builder.


It is still young, and not released yet, so is missing many features.

Thanks David for the support and kind words.

I am just thankfull to have it found.


Easy to use, fun to use


It should have been earlier on the planet ;-)

Thanks for your review Matt.

I really enjoyed building a site using Brizy. Now creating full sites and landing pages won't take as much time and it'll look good too.


Brizy makes building sites simple, intuitive and straightforward.


As of 6-19-18:

-No tablet view

-Headers not available in free so will have to wait for Pro version

-Pro version wait time.

Hey B.J., thanks for the review. - tablet view almost done - you will not have to wait that much I bet, stay close as we have some surprises coming up :)

Just played with it. It is very easy to use and I think it can be very helpful in a lot of cases;

- product websites

- simple business websites

- personal websites

Don't know how it will hold when special design requirements need to be met.

It is a great pagebuilder!!


Nice UI, Easy to use



Brizy is the best builder I ever used. It's still in developing process but it is already a winner. I use their products and services for years and I know the quality and efforts those guys put into their releases. The free version is a awesome but I invested buying the PRO version that will easily take me away from landing page builders subscriptions. Go check their website!


Quick and sleek. Easy to use and can be used seamlessly with any WordPress theme out there.


None so far.

Thanks for your trust and support Alex, Brizy is still young, we just released and we have great plans for it. As far as landing page builders go, I'm sure you know Brizy will come with some features we are super excited about aimed exactly at marketers like pop up builder, a bunch of integrations for the form element and so on.

By far my most pleasant web building experience. For the first time my imagination was not limited by the builder. I was able to quite easily figure things out without much effort. I had a lot of fun building my first site :)

Hands down my favourite page builder.

Well done Team Brizy!


Fast, simple and intuitive. A real pleasure to work with



The UI and ease of use is available in this page builder. But we can't control entire website like header and footer of the page/post.


Easy to use and simple UI.


It is just another page builder.

Not a website builder.

I've used Wordpress for years to edit hundreds of pages of content. I only need to be able to create new pages, headings, paragraphs and lists, and format same. Brizy makes it much harder, time consuming and non-intuitive. It also doesn't play nicely with the Wordpress editor. I'm already thinking about having my brand new site coded in something else, as I find Brizy nearly unusable. Perhaps this would change if I invested a whole lot of hours learning how to use it, but I'm happy with Wordpress generally, and am simply not interested in the learning curve. If you want to use HTML code to quickly make edits in the Wordpress editor, Brizy is not for you. The above is entirely my opinion.


Not sure


Page edits that would be simple in Wordpress are much harder. Oh, and if you edit a page wrong, the whole site tends to crash...