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Create highly converting landing pages in a breeze

Brizy is a drag & drop visual builder that lets you create marketing landing pages without skill or effort. It comes with professional pre made blocks and layouts out of the box and the lowest barrier of entry for marketers or growth hackers.
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Hello Product Hunt, and a huge thanks to @kevin for hunting out product, you rock! Brizy Cloud is a landing page builder aimed to help marketers or growth hackers to create marketing landing pages, connect with potential customers and collect leads.

 Some highlights: - drag & drop building experience, no coding or designer skills required - pre-made blocks and layouts out of the box - a free forever plan with unlimited landing pages - unlimited hosting & traffic - a great pricing structure - a free server sync publishing option that lets you sync your Brizy Cloud projects on your server in real time We’d love to get some feedback and we are happy to answer any questions. Here is the Public Roadmap to give you some insight of what's there, what are are working on and what's next for Brizy Cloud. You can also submit features requests there. Thanks for your precious time. p.s. if you are interested to get the PRO version, here is 15% discount code: PRODUCTHUNT (expires in 72 hours)
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@kevin @dimitrie_baitanciuc just tried the discount code and it does not work for unlimited?
@david_hetherington seems to work. Here is a short screencast on how to apply the code: Let me know if it works.
@dimitrie_baitanciuc Hiya, it works on personal and unlimited but not on lifetime ($299)
@david_hetherington A lot of our early adopters paid that amount already and we feel it would not be fair for them or release discounts for that WordPress plan. Plus we think it is a great deal as it is at $299. (For anyone that reads this and doesn't understand why they can't see a LTD at $299 on, that is because the LTD refers to our Brizy WordPress Plugin found on Brizy Cloud is working outside WordPress and being a hosted platform we don't have a Lifetime deal for it.)
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@dimitrie_baitanciuc thank you for the clarification, I was an early adopter at $199 but needed to get a refund as needed the money, doh!

Very simple, and innovative. Creates static, secure websites or landing pages without touching a single line of code. The UI / UX of the builder is top notch. And if you want to host your websites on your own, you are able to do that! No lock in 😀 Give it a try. 100% recommended if you want to create static, secure websites.


Affordable, simple and innovative


Like most new products, it needs some finishing. But I'm sure it will happen over time.

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Thanks for the review Sujay ;) We still got some work ahead of us for sure. We'll get there.
I love it. I created a landing page in under 60 seconds. My only question is if I am missing something about the contact / lead capture forms. I don't see all that data coming through? All I see is the email address?
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@yossi_g Hey Yossi, you are right only the email is stored right now on that leads page. We know it is kinda bare bones right now. The are designing and coding a new Leads section take a look in our public road map to see how it will look, plus you'll get more insight on what we are working on:

If I say in one word then Brizy is BREEZY... Its the easiest and more user friendly page builder in trend... I recommend to All user to try its once. One thing i really appreciate that in free version also... They had share may feature which we get in pro of other page buider. I am happy that Purchasing Brizy LifeTime was not my wrong decision. And Cloud Feature is most unique and best concept in Wordpress world.... Surely it will change the meaning of Website development business . In cloud, you can create your own template and for me.. I just do some R&D with my idea... Create diffrent design and test it.


Easy Drag and Drop Features is amazing . Create and Store your Templates in Cloud, its amazing


Not fully developed but still you can make decent website

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Hi, thanks for your review. Indeed the Cloud is still young for sure, but we wanted to get it out there as fast as possible. Here is a public roadmap for the cloud if you want to keep tabs and get some more insight on what is the the team working on, what is already there, and what will follow: Great things ahead.
Perfect product for creating the landing pages in the lowest time.
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@rahul_kandoriya1 Thanks for giving it a try Rahul. We are here if you have any questions.