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I'm a marketer, agency owner and startup founder passionate about helping people out. I'm a strong supporter for the emerging business function of Growth, which aligns Product, Marketing & Sales. In ▲promocrat, I work with high-potential tech companies, from startups to enterprises, learning and growing together. We also act as an equity partner for early-stage tech startups, with current projects in Solar, FinTech and eCommerce. Even though I do not have a technical background I'm a big fan of product development, working on UX projects for global financial institutions and startups alike. I'm also a big proponent in pushing human capabilities forward with tech, so Product Hunt has become a space to discover new toys that will make our work more fun & more productive.


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    Next-gen website builder that anyone can use
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    Experience a new era of cleaning with WHALE
    Feb 2024
    Automation based on No-Code, Low-Code & Full-Code
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    Not just another video conferencing tool
    Apr 2023
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