The effortless way to build WordPress websites visually

Brizy is a new way of building WordPress pages visually for free. No designer or developer skills required.

Some highlights: easy to use, clutter free interface, non-distracting, comes with a pre-made design kit.

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Hi PH, Dimi from Brizy here. Brizy is a new free way of creating WordPress pages visually, directly on the front end. You can test it right now on our website: (Press the Try Now link in the header). We’d love to get some feedback and we are happy to answer any questions. For all the hunters out there, here is a 10% for the Pro (that will come in 3-4 months). Use PRODUCTHUNT - It expires when the PH days will be over (less than 18 hours from now.) p.s. Thanks, Chris for hunting Brizy and for inventing the #hashtag. You are an awesome guy.
Hi @dimitrie_baitanciuc ! It's a wonderful news for many wordpress enthusiastic :) I had few questions that would lead me to use Brizy rather than Elementor (which I have already paid as well as several compatible plugins): - How does it work when it comes to build an online store? Is it compatible with Woocomerce ? (I think a tutorial or an article about it would convert many people that are looking for a more professionnal WP experience) - Regarding blog post, gallery, how far can the custom experience go? - Do you recommend a specific theme to work with Brizy? - Do you have website examples built with Brizy? - Does Brizy allow for creating sticky header? - Can we create custom template for sections, buttons, headers, etc. ? - How Brizy compares to Elementor when it comes to mobile editing? (Elementor is really great and simple for that) - How do you reorganize section content once in mobile editor? (see screenshot: Suggestion: I think you should try to present Brizy on Themeforest/Codecanyon, it could inspire other developers to create compatible plugins with your site builder. Best thanks for your time and for all the answers 🙏😃
Hey @a_sky Thanks for your kind words. - Yes, Brizy is compatible with Woo, in fact, we have the WooCommerce elements that let you display products, product details, the cart, and so on in the Free version of Brizy. Good idea about the tutorial or article we'll do that. - You can use Brizy in custom posts but you can't control the template of those custom posts (yet), we are working on the dynamic content part and you'll be able to basically create different dynamic templates for your shopping experience, blog experience and so on. Regarding the gallery, we don't have a gallery element yet but we'll add one in the near future. For now, you can embed any gallery from WordPress or any gallery plugin by using the Shortcode Element in Brizy. - Regarding the themes, I saw a lot of people using Astra, Ocean WP and Generate Press. - Website examples: - all these themes are WordPress themes from ThemeFuse our other WP business and we are currently updating all of them on Brizy Free. We have 18 already done and we'll start pushing the updates in batches starting next week. You can make an idea of what's possible with Brizy Free (with minor compromises like shape dividers that will add in the near future) by checking out the link above. - The Sticky header will be available in the Pro version of Brizy. - I'm not sure what custom templates mean for sections, elements, headers. I'll tell you what you can and will be possible in the future and you let me know if that answers your question. Right now, included in Brizy Free, you can Save sections to reuse them on other pages from your website and also create Global sections across your project. This global section allows you to control multiple sections / blocks (we call them blocks) from any instance of that block. Global elements are not available now, we have some ideas on how to do them ... the Brizy way :) Headers will be available in Pro and you'll be able to create any header you want and save them and create conditions for it, where to appear on your website and so on. - Mobile editing I think it is top notch and very easy to use. The main difference in the Brizy approach is that we instance the mobile editor and once you activate that, we take away all the nonsense and only leave the options and features that you need for mobile. All the options in mobile view will apply only on mobile. (Yes I know, the tablet control is missing :), we have that in the works and will be added shortly. Plus breakpoint control.) - You recognize section control in mobile view the same way you do on the desktop. A round setting, button show be on all the time (at the top of the section) when you are in that section: If it doesn't appear then it might be a bug and I'd kindly ask you to report it here: Good suggestion about CodeCanyon although we'll have to see about that, there are issues with the licensing system there. We are still looking into that. Pffew, if you are still here I thank you again for your questions and support. All the best.
Thank you very much @dimitrie_baitanciuc for taking the time to answer all my questions, it is greatly appreciated and inspires innovation for the future of Wordpress websites development. 💡👨‍💻 I'm always grateful when someone, somewhere on the planet has the capacity to develop such advanced, modern and intuitive tools that will help so many people afterwards. It's quite a new era we live in today! 😃 I'm sincerely looking forward the Pro version to use Brizy at its full capacity for more complex websites. Thank you again and all the best for you and your team! 🏗🌟 Best thoughts, Sky
Brizy seems awesome. Loving the ease of use, design flows, and many new unique features. Eagerly waiting for the Pro version as if the free version is so smooth, not sure what features that will add to justify the pricing for the Pro version. Though, it's still a very new product and needs more pre-made blocks, templates, and some traditional yet mandatory features to completely replace my need for using other popular builders for production sites.
@niteshmanav Just installed this on a test site - from what I can see, it completely ignores all post and page content and replaces it with custom frames instead. Unless I am missing a way to pull in content by category and taxonomy that makes it 100% useless to me.
@niteshmanav @andreasduess you will in the near future. We have it on our list to add blog elements in Brizy ;)
What's better than the big names out there like elementor, beaver builder, divi and so on ?
@raphchabaud Hey, thanks for the question. It's a difficult question to answer because it is very general and I'd encourage you to test it on (click the Try Now in the header) and if you've used the others before, you'll immediately see the difference. If I were to point only one thing that Brizy has nailed down is the ease of use. We just launched 3 weeks ago so it is hard to compete with established builders in terms of raw features but we are pushing 1-2 updates a week and in a couple of months we'll have Brizy up to par. The ease of use and the user experience are our top priorities and that is what I think is a great foundation for Brizy. Don't know if this helped too much but I'm here if you have more questions.
@raphchabaud Hey Raphael. I can answer this. Right now a lot of the page builders suffer from far too much clutter on the screen. Brizy is the first builder to really reduce the foot print of the clutter. Their UX/UI is amazing. On top of that the image editing in Brizy is unlike any other builder, it's impressive to say the least. With all this said, they have still yet to really prove themselves but you also have to look at the facts, this has been out for roughly 2 months and it's already going to do something that even Divi hasn't been able to do which is dynamic content. That's a big thumbs up to Brizy. On top of all of this the team is very active, there is updates every 2 to 3 days. Still with all of this, you are taking a risk but I don't believe based upon what the community has seen that Brizy will be a bad risk. The team is doing a great job, loving the communication and help in their community. All great things. Can't wait for PRO!
@raphchabaud Elementor has awkward side panel. and not much thing can be done visually as Brizy. Though it has a lot of 3rd party addons since it's 2years old, it's not really next-gen builder like Brizy. Same goes for other builders.
Brizy is the true next-gen builder. UI is really sophisticated. There's no awkward floating /side panel. Everything can be done visually. it started from the point that other page builders can't catch up.
I believe that soon this will be the best page builder in the market.
@mile_dobri Many thanks for the kind words and confidence in our work! We are trying to release the Pro version as soon as possible so we can fight the more established names in the market.