Toothbrush for dogs they can use on their own effortlessly

4 out of 5 dogs suffer from oral disease by the age of 3.

Oral disease is the #1 problem among dogs.

Bristly is designed with dogs' anatomy in mind and helps them brush their own teeth, effortless.

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What is it made of? Any plastic parts?
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Hi @astghik_azaryan, thanks for your question😊 Bristly is made from all natural rubber and there are no plastic parts in it🙂
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I'm really excited about it, but how durable is rubber? Will this hold up to a heavy chewer like a staffie?
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@cleo_black Hi Cleo, totally understand your concern. But if you get the right size and right version it would be highly durable.
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I will definitely buy it for my dog ))
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@khanum_nikoghosyan Thank you for your feedback! 🙂
Hello Product Hunt!!! Special thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting Bristly. Bristly came up as a solution to the problem I faced being a pet parent. I lost my childhood dog Micky to oral disease. And then I found out it is the most common health issue among dogs. 4 out of 5 dogs show signs of it by the age of 3. As a dog parent, I know that toothbrushing isn’t easy, and at times feels like an uphill battle with your pups. We created Bristly to make this experience seamless and effective. With Bristly all you need to do is to give it to your dogs for 5 min a day and let them brush by themselves. We have tested Bristly’s beta version (Brite Bite) with 50K pet parents and their feedback helped us to come up with the upgraded version you see. Any questions, let me know 🙂 Sorry, accidentally posted this twice :)
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My pit would destroy it...
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@antonio_marazzo Hi Antonio, thanks for your question. For heavy chewers there is special Bristly extreme chewer. It was tested with heavy chewers including staffies and held up extremely well 🙂
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@petros_dertsakyan if this works, then it's a brilliant idea! When it will be available ?
@antonio_marazzo believe me it does :)) Our first beta version was tested many times and parents noticed significant improvements. We are crowdfunding now on Indiegogo (the link is next to our video above).
@antonio_marazzo The durable version does not hold up. My dog tore a chunk out on the second use. While he is a heavy chewer, he has other similar toys that have lasted a lot longer.