Growth marketing done remotely ⚡

Brisk is built to manage your entire growth marketing operations, everything unified under one tool. All of your roadmaps, goals, ideas, experiments and learnings are organized. It makes your growth marketing efforts agile, organized and transparent.
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Hey everyone, we're super excited to launch BRISK today born out of the methodology taught by Sean Ellis. BRISK is a growth marketing platform that lets you implement the real science behind growth marketing. The quest to implement real growth marketing was still a dilemma by the product, growth, and marketing teams until now. Introducing BRISK a web app that enables and examines rapid experimentation and performs process-based growth across the customer journey funnel from Acquisition to Referrals. Get the scoring on your ideas by your team members anonymously, the idea with the highest score gets the chance to be tested first or if GROWTH MASTER decides to chose some other one. If you encounter any bug or other problem please drop an email to | Experience the real science behind GROWTH MARKETING starting from $29.99 / User / Month with 14 days of a free trial.
@syed_sarim Thanks for new efficient tool for remote work!
Interesting tool, Congrats on the launch
@musharofchy Thanks man! 👍
Looks very handy tool for growth marketing team and also to share the learning with the team members. Good luck! 👍
@m_umar_khan Glad you find it useful. 👍
Looks like a promising product. Congratulations on the launch!
@jabranr Thank you Jabran