AppSumo Briefcase is a curated subscription bundle of premium software to help founders grow their business.

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What's up you gorgeous Product Hunters!! Thanks for hunting us today @nickhaase. I’m Noah Kagan, Co-Founder of AppSumo + Over the past 7 years, we’ve curated hundreds of software tools and promoted them at crazy prices to our audience of millions of entrepreneurs. Today we’re launching Briefcase: the all-in-one toolkit for entrepreneurs and startups looking to create, grow, and scale their businesses. With 35+ tools (and growing), Briefcase has the exact tools you need to run an online business: from sales, to design, to SEO, and everything in between. Think of it like "Netflix for Software." I look forward to answering any questions y’all might have and hope you check out Briefcase! The real masterminds who made all this magic happen are @schelzi3 + @brokerchange. Linky: P.S. Entrepreneurs are always left out of awesome Black Friday deals so for this week only, if you sign up (or upgrade) you’ll get early access to EVERY tool featured on AppSumo for the rest of 2017 - including all of our Black Friday tools :slightly_smiling_face:
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AppSumo is the undoubtedly the most valuable asset to me since I left my job to work for the full time on my startup. I know AS for almost 2 years and own more than 3 dozens of lifetime SaaS tools. More than half of them are used by me or my team almost regularly and I can't say how convenient, insightful and economical it has made my life. Now, for startups, digital agencies or internet marketers who discovered lately and hence don't have access to dozens of amazing tools that are never going to come on a lifetime price either on AppSumo or any other deal sites, the #ASBreifcase is the golden key to get access to all of them at a subscription price equivalent to that of any one of such 35+ tools. Though, one big concern that I have is about the longevity of this briefcase model. So, suppose I signed up for this and paying $49/$99 every month to get access to dozens of these tools. But maybe in future, if you decided to 'drop' this subscription model, what options will I have to continue using all those tools where I have already set-up my work or projects? In no possible ways, I will be able to pay their own monthly subscription charges. So, how will AS take care of this? I know about AppSumo and Sumo reputation and I trust fully but thinking about future consequences is also a part of every entrepreneur's journey. How do you think to tackle such situations? PS: BF Bonus Alert- If you sign up or upgrade to Briefcase Yearly (any plan), you will get $200 Amazon credits + $300 of AppSumo credits and if you sign up or upgrade to Briefcase Pro Monthly, you will get $50 Amazon credits + $50 AppSumo credits as per the details written here- ( Do check the number of remaining seats for these bonuses)
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I am an AppSumo customer for almost 2 years and love it so much because of their great bargaining skills, customer support and ability to provide us great SaaS tools at highly affordable rates.


All the included SaaS tools are of premium quality and highly useful and available at highly affordable subscription fee.


Nothing as such

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With Briefcase you get to pick and choose the tools you need to run your business - some you use daily. This is especially huge when there are products you don't use everyday but are nice to have in your arsenal of tools for when you do need them.


Access to a suite of tools to get your business growing bundled into a single low monthly price.


Single sign-on from Briefcase to access all apps from dashboard (coming soon though!)

What an idea! I have never thought about something like this, but it's a so obviously and good idea!
@frederikthede Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Hope you check it out :)