A convenient plug-and-pour craft beer experience

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Ken KaczmarekCo-founder,
Well, I think this product wins for the most insufferable kickstarter video ever. Fatal flaw, as with others trying to be better than a growler, is that tap rooms aren't going to fill non-growlers (or, moreso these days, crowlers).
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Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
In the past, most breweries I visited have refused to fill growlers which don't have their logo on it. They all cite some archaic law about beer distribution and only being allowed to fill their own growlers. If I brought in a large plastic cooler and asked them to fill it with beer, I suspect they would deny that vessel as well.
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Andreas Backx
Co-founder Lunchbreak
This reminds me of the juicer that recently got critiqued everywhere. What's so hard about getting a keg of beer and tapping it yourself? This adds tech where no tech is needed. I don't see what this proprietary technology adds to the table, it only hurts the market and the consumers to have a proprietary product. I don't know how it's done in the US, but if you walked into a bar in Belgium and asked them to fill that thing, you'd most probably get denied or have to pay a pretty penny. This only seems to make the beer more expensive.