Breeze from CareCloud

Helps doctors deliver a modern patient experience

Breeze is a revolutionary new patient experience platform that helps doctors make their practice more modern and efficient. It facilitates the many different interactions a patient has with a medical practice, from making an appointment, to checking in and providing health history and insurance information, to managing payments and more.

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Hey, everyone! 👋 Today marks a really momentous day at CareCloud. Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the folks over at Clover Network, Inc. and with First Data Corporation to bring you all a revolutionary product in the patient experience space. Breeze is that product. From a product management perspective, I couldn’t have asked for a better team, better support, and overall work ethic that everyone who touched this has exhibited over the past year. It was truly a joy that makes being a PM fun. It fulfills the cliché and it’s why I loved waking up every morning to come to work. From a consumer perspective, this is what all of us as patients have been waiting for. No more clipboards. No more repetition. Being able to do everything I need to do regarding my health from the comfort of my own couch. My own healthcare super app. I am so looking forward to all of you using this and I can’t wait to hear what you think. Onward.
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Lola Tesla
Swiss Army Knife
I have worked extensively with CareCloud in the past. Their development team is phenomenal and their UX is the best I've seen in the practice management software ecosystem. Now if only every provider would just use them.
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every private practice doc really needs this product to improve patient satisfaction and their productivity


Upgrades the current status quo 1980's Doctors office workflow into the 21st Century.


Add virtual patient visits at some point

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