Breathometer Mint

Easily monitor and track your oral health and hydration

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Charles Michael Yim
Charles Michael YimMaker@charlesmyim · CEO, Breathometer
@katoree Glad to hear you like it! ;) Mint actually draws air from your mouth at a very low flow rate as opposed to you blowing into it so debris getting into the device isn't so much a concern. We are also looking at doing integration with other wearable companies at one point. You'd be a great Beta candidate for our indiegogo campaign: Curious to see what @rrhoover thoughts are? ;)
Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Forgot to mention this is currently on Indiegogo! From the people who brought you Breathometer (as previously featured on Product Hunt -
Stefan Ritter
Stefan Ritter@stefanritter · building @ruumapp
hahaha, genius!
Armaan Gupta
Armaan Gupta@katoree · Product at Mapfit
Looks like an awesome product! From someone who tries to be somewhat particular about oral hygiene, I would be one of the first in line to get a hold of this when it's available. Seeing this is a hygiene product, I wonder how a user can ensure it stays clean? If you are constantly breathing into it every day there have to be particles that are passed into it. Some filter in the front end mouthpiece which may be disposable perhaps? In an ideal world I would love to see a feature like this somehow built integrated with a fitness tracker such as Jawbone or Fitbit. I would want to keep it on me at all times to check breath quality yet if it was integrated onto a wrist product I would for sure have the best breath in town. They were featured on Shark Tank, we should try to get the CEO, @charlesmyim, on here for some comments and his experience with this!
Abe Minkara
Abe Minkara@aminkara · Mark Cuban Companies - Director
I tried the Mint prototype at the Breathometer booth at CES and it is everything it claims to be. Can't wait to have one.