Breathing Panda

Breathe & relax with a panda bot.

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Nothing serious. Just a toy I made in an hour, to play with the idea of a breathing-based relaxation product. I don't smell anything interesting about this concept, other than the sheer simplicity of it. I hunted it just to see if anyone has interesting points about it. Building in an open space can be a fun experience. *I used Chatfuel πŸ˜‰ fyi
@alexyoungkwon I find Chatfuel super easy to build bots with! I've been considering doing a bot around this topic... one where if you are stressed out, frustrated etc and just need to go through the motions of some little exercises to get you back in your groove. Nice job
@bentossell "..little exercises to get you back in your groove" was exactly why I made it :-) I just really missed launching something new in public. Whether big, or small.
@bentossell @alexyoungkwon my only feedback would be to mention to the user to turn down their sound on the computer. Sometimes Messenger pings can be rather distracting.