Breather (iOS)

Peace & quiet, on-demand. Reserve a private space on the go.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2014
Breather (only on the web at the time) was previous shared here: I keep hearing fantastic things about Breather (see @schlaf's post from yesterday: Well done, @julien!
They just opened in NY and have plans in SF and elsewhere as well. @julien is a great guy (we've been friends for years) and he's built an awesome team around him. Last Friday I was in Palo Alto and had 3 meetings. I could have spent all day in a Breather (they're not in Palo Alto yet) instead of squatting at a Peets and then another cafe. Having a Breather space would have been so much easier / nicer. Disclosure: I'm an investor in Breather.
Interesting idea! Love the branding too!
Reminds me of AirBnB with a twist, that's great especially when you're in unfamiliar territory and need a space like that.
This is a very cool idea. The app is absolutely beautiful. Great interface and stunning design. I look forward to this being available in the bay area. I was curious about people just using these spaces for "adult" activities, so I read their FAQ, which says: "What do we say this…ahem, questionable activities? Get your minds out of the gutters! This isn’t that kind of place." Do they really just expect people not to do this?