Location-based anonymous chatrooms

#3 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2014
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This has similarities to @Popcorn_Ryan's Popcorn Messaging (, The biggest challenge with any of these location-based social apps is reaching a critical mass of users to make it useful.
Thanks @rrhoover - agree we are focusing on creating a space for the community to chat rather than trying to create one. New features coming out this week that will improve the barren wasteland syndrome. A lot of learnings from launching and testing. Main target audience is dense and consistent populations like schools and office environments (even ones on multiple floors).
Breakr is two folds - people experiencing the shared moment together in a real-time chat environment and people who want to eavesdrop in to see whats going on even if they're miles away. So if Avicii is having a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, I'm either in that location chatting about how awesome it is or I'm in the Hollywood Bowl breakroom miles away seeing how awesome it is (FOMO).
Just seen a new one from the guys at Factyle (makers of Cinemagram and what I believe is now defunct Zee) called Bubble
Nice find, @syedaliahmed. I haven't see that one. SO MUCH ANONYMOUS! @carmeldea - this location-based messaging reminded me of the use case you described a while ago.