Breaker 1.0 for iOS

New version of the popular podcast app

Love podcasts? Try out the new Breaker 1.0 for iOS. We've simplified the layout and minimized the number of tabs. No log in is required to try it out and you can create an account to subscribe, like episodes, comment, and create playlists. Also, a new icon!
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi! 👋I'm so excited to launch the 1.0 version of Breaker and would love to get your thoughts and feedback!
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@leahculver Simplified layout was exactly what I was looking for. Great update!
@leahculver This looks great, Leah! Can't wait to try it
This is my favourite podcast app. Listened episodes: 1.365 🥳. Keep up the good work! You should mention your dark mode feature inside the screenshots btw
@justawebguy Thanks! Good point - dark mode is great.
Found Breaker about 6months ago and it instantly became my go to podcast app. Why? Simple, it’s bringing the ‘social media’ component into the podcast world. Comment on episodes, like, share, see what others are listening to, etc. Excited for 1.0
@tweethanframe Thanks! We're working to update the social parts of Breaker soon too, so stay tuned!
I love Breaker! This new interface looks very nice. Simpler, cleaner. I like what you did with the Playlists screen.
@ashoukry Yes! There's a Breaker Android app as well.