Take a break without being judged

#4 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2018

BREAK - Mac menu bar app that lets you take a break without that co-worker giving you that "does this guy even work?" look.

I made this app for a designer friend of mine that worked with a ton of judgemental jerks that don't know the benefit of taking a break from your screen every now and then.

Hope you like it.

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I made this super dumb simple app for a good friend of mine. She was so worried about getting judged by her coworkers that she couldn't even take a break during work hours. This really bothered me, so I figured there had to be a product solution to this. So here's what I came up with.
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@raydawg88 hahaha that's great! Read the Medium article as well, you're awesome :)
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@anna_0x Thanks so so much! Hopefully someone gets some use out of it. It was really fun to make.
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@raydawg88 for me it's useless as I mostly work alone but I've worked in environments where people are pushed to work all the damn time, so I see the utility here! Very smart.
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@anna_0x Yeah that's another benefit of being able to customize your own icon for the "updating" screen. You can just make it your lock screen and watch dancing pandas jump around on a black screen πŸ˜‰
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@raydawg88 The product is great but isn't it better to help her figure out how to resolve some of her anxiety and earn the respect of her colleagues, maybe even take her breaks with them?
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I love it :)


Quick and easy! Gives me a few minutes to gather myself when stressed.



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Man, this is great! I work in an open office and always have nosey work people looking at my screen. This is perfect for when I need to start my creative juices flowing or a food break.
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@kburks Haha thanks! I need to add SNACK BREAKS to the features list.
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Can't believe no one else did this already. It's simple, but makes so much sense.
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@jennifer_wu1 Yeah when I was doing some research looking around, I was totally shocked that there wasn't something like this already. there is πŸ˜ƒ
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