Brave on iOS

A lightning fast mobile browser with ad-blocking built in

Brave on iOS brings the power of Brave to mobile. With built-in AdBlock technology, tracking and security protection, and an optimized data experience, Brave on iOS is among the fastest (and safest) ways to browse the web.

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@ntmoney What are your thoughts on this so far?
@jakecrump I've been using the dev builds on iOS and desktop for the past week and have been very impressed. Brave is so much faster than the average browser that I've actually been spending a lot more time reading news on websites (ESPN, NYT, Forbes, etc). I've used ad blocker plus in the past, but since switched to Brave. I'm also excited for bitcoin wallets to be built into Brave (coming soon). When that happens, I plan to run the ad version and earn bitcoin for browsing. Brave has a lot of potential to be a game-changing product for consumers, advertisers, and websites and is off to a prety good start!
aren't sites blocking ad blockers and aren't ads really keeping the internet more free? Just a thought.
@samir_doshi ads keep the internet free for consumers from a monetary perspective, but come at great costs-- they slow browsing speeds down, they track browsing history and info and they can be very low quality and annoying. hence the explosion of ad blockers Sites block ad blockers because they have no business model in a world where ad blockers are prevalent. That is the problem Brave is solving. Brave has two modes (both of which allow websites to get paid). For the ad mode, they strip out bad ads and serve only clean ads to consumers. This mode allows advertisers to stay relevant in a world where consumer preferences are changing. Ad-mode allows consumers and websites to get paid as welll. For the ad-free mode, consumers pay websites directly. The iOS version released today is just a initial version with ads stripped out, and what I described is where the product is going in the coming months. See here for dev roadmap:
@ntmoney thanks for the response -- I have an ad blocker installed - but also run sites with ads --- SO TORN... but really appreciate your insights!