A brand asset manager for your menu bar

Brandy is a brand asset manager that keeps your team in sync with correct assets at all times.

Drag and drop logos or copy hex codes by clicking on swatches, brandy is meant to be a toolkit to help you stay productive.

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Looks great, being as this is based on the Electron platform, are there plans to release it on other platforms?
@itsnblackburn Hi, thanks Nathaniel! I have it in my roadmap, but no ETA for it ATM, I will make sure to notify you πŸ‘πŸΌ
@itsnblackburn Hey, just wanted to let you know that Windows is now supported πŸŽ‰
@nichlaswa Fantastic news, i will download it once i am home and let you know my thoughts.
@itsnblackburn Perfect, thank you so much πŸ‘πŸΌ you can also reach out to me on Twitter if you want.
Very simple and elegant, and always a good resource to have these assets digitally and not stored away in some PowerPoint or PDF. Nice work!
@justinotherjohnson Thank you, Justin! Yeah, looking for assets is no fun :) Cheers!
@justinotherjohnson I just implemented eps file support in the logo section if that helps :)
@nichlaswa Absolutely, I imagine folks would want EPS, SVG and some of the traditional static formats like progressive JPEG Files and PNGs with transparency.
@justinotherjohnson yeah, that's what I'm thinking. It supports all those formats now, so I'll leave it at that while I improve other parts of the app. You'll get a notification about the update next time you launch the app :) Todays changelog: - Support for EPS files in logo section πŸŽ‰ - Drag and drop field now works for logo and typography sections - Copy gradient colors by clicking the hex values - esc hotkey for edit mode now works as expected - bigger clickable area in brand list - When adding new colors or gradients, it now longer matters if you do it with a # in front or not - Made the start on login visible in dark mode πŸ•ΆπŸ™ˆ And a lot of smaller improvements throughout the app!
This is really, really, really cool. πŸ‘ I use another menubar color palette organizer but constantly have to bounce around through files to find logos and typefaces for all different clients and projects so this is a super helpful tool.
@thecontentcanvas That's fantastic! I would love to get your feedback once you've tested it. If you could message me/@ me on twitter that would be great. Also, regarding logos, I'm working on eps and pdf support, it got a bit delayed unfortunately - but you can upload SVG files for now if that works for you.
@thecontentcanvas Hi! just wanted to let you know that Brandy now supports eps uploads in the logo section! check it out :) the app will notify you about the update when you launch it.
@nichlaswa You guys are awesome!
The black theme is really cool :)
Cool product ! (fyi "A brand asset man-ger" missing the A in the sub title)