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Brandid is awesome. Great team and a consistently strong, targeted branding & copywriting.
Hey PH, thanks for finding us, co-founder here! Here's an AMA FAQ BRANDiD is the most personal shopping experience you'll ever have. I would encourage the product people here to take a look - we've reimagined ecommerce and designed everything around the conversation between you and your personal shopper. Quick reasons why to try us out: * Try ANY clothes from ANY store in multiple sizes, at home for FREE == try before you buy * Return Like a Man™ - we have drivers on the streets of SF/Bay Area who collect and process all your returns for you - RLAM™ is free for life - never deal with retailer returns ever again * Your own personal shopper available 24/7 - uber for personal shopping ** How we compete with Amazon ** * You go to Amazon when you know what you are searching for. You go to BRANDiD when you don't know what you're searching for - most guys fall into this bucket when it comes to clothing * You cannot try before you buy on Amazon ** Why not just buy straight from the retailers? ** * Retailers are incentivised to make returns as hard as possible. RLAM™ is free via BRANDiD * Save your inbox from spammy retailer sales emails. Retailers don't get your email address - we scrape delivery APIs and push (iOS or email) you with delivery status updates instead ** How this is not Trunk Club / [other personal shopping startup]** * TC only work with certain brands. Expensive ones. * TC is a retailer, they stock their own inventory, they are incentivised to push whatever gear they need to shift that week. BRANDiD is not a retailer, we are a marketplace connecting you with stores via a truly personalised experience * TC relies on courier services, since we have our own network of drivers, we can offer pin-point collection times outside of working hours which couriers cannot, and our personal shoppers even come to visit you via ride-alongs ** How this is not [fashion tech startup] ** * We integrate with every retailer on earth * Most fashion tech startup teams do not realise that discovery (personal shopping) is only half the problem. Most do not have a background in retail, logistics and operations - they ignore that returns are a huge friction point for men, and online-to-offline services like RLAM™ are too big and too difficult to tackle. We are dedicated to controlling the complete end-to-end experience, from discovery through to delivery and returns. And if you've read through this you deserve a prize, so if your startup is in SF, everyone in your team will get $50 off your first $200 - just mention it in the live chat. Remember that means $50 off any clothes from any store for your entire team. And you don't have to spend the whole $200 in one go, so make your next clothing purchase through BRANDiD. We'll even give you $25 for each person you invite using your referral link. Thanks, and we're here all day for AMA!
@arush was kind enough to share his results and strategy building BRANDiD in: How we generated $13k of sales in 24hrs through Product Hunt
@4nkush & @arush are great folks from London who moved to SF. Started as a Man-Underwear subscription, then expanded(pivoted) to a broader fashion range and introduced personal shopping assistants. Will ping them for AMA.
their new instant chat type homepage when you login is very different and pretty awesome.