Protect your social media brand using AI

Protect your brand against
Spam | Profanity | Negative Sentiment | Hater | over-sharing users
using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.
Your brand is too valuable for leaving the protection to beginners
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Hi, I just saw your product and it's great! Kudos for creating a solution to a real problem which is out there. Best of luck Team BrandFort!
@porush_puri Thank you Porush, we appreciate the kind words!
I am one of the founders of was created for protecting brands on Social Media against negative sentiment and haters using the best artificial intelligence on the market.
What measures do you have in place for protecting your Social Media Brand?
using BrandFort
using tool of competitor
using low-cost resources for monitoring my feed
always awake and never sleep myself for monitoring it
I don't care about hate and negativity on my feed
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I am another founder of BrandFort.Co. A professional and good-looking social media presence is growing more and more important in today’s business world. Therefore, we have created BrandFort.Co. BrandFort’s state-of-the-art AI recognises the negativity, spam, offensiveness and hate that you don’t want to have on your social media accounts.
Maker ( is a soon-to-be award-winning company focused on protecting your Social Media Brands on Facebook and Instagram. We trained our Artificial Intelligence for reading comments like a human. BrandFort does not simply focus on certain keywords. No, BrandForts focuses on the meaning of an sentence and assess the sentiment of it. Based on this approach is able to detect sentences with a negative sentiment and complains in a efficient and effective manner. The same technology is used by for detecting spam and profanity. But, the big selling point of the software is to detect complains and negative sentiment. This is important if you are selling a product, or yourself on your Social Media presence. Think about a comment like this one: "Oh my god, your product is so overpriced!" Normal content moderation, which is focused on detecting spam and profanity will not hide such a comment. However, let's be honest, as a proud business owner, you do not want such a comment on your Facebook or Instagram page. will detect such comments and hide it from your page. What I love about is the fact that it will hide such a negative sentiment comment, but the commentator will not notice it. The commentator will see their comment on your Instagram page. But no one else will. Take your time and react to it for winning the hater over. This is simply a great function of BrandFort. You can react to the negative comment in peace, but at the same time, you know it's not negatively impacting your brand. Honestly, is the tool for protection your brand 24/7, 365 days a year. Why don't you head over to BrandFort and try the free trial for making your own impression?