Brandfetch is the go-to-place to source digital assets. Quickly find up-to-date logos, colors, fonts, images, and more.
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This is a fantastic search engine that will help you fetch any company's brand asset. Whether you are a designer, developer or blogger, I am sure you will find value in this new tool. And don't forget to claim your company page!
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Hi PH! At Brandfetch our mission is to make brands accessible, and today we are taking a big step toward that goal by launching a brand search engine 🎉 Whether you're a designer, a developer, work in media, or are a sales professional Brandfetch will save you an enormous amount of time, by getting you up-to-date brand assets for any company. The best part is that results are fetched in real-time, meaning it even works for your local mom and pop store! As design and collaboration are becoming one, and work is increasingly done in a wide array of different tools, we see a future where your assets are easily accessible in a single source of truth and follow you wherever you go. For now feel free to claim your brand, you'll not only get a verified badge next to your brand's name but will also be accessible through our growing plugin ecosystem Our roadmap is packed, and we can't wait to share more, let us know what you think!
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Sounds so great. I searched Instagram, but it shows me it has 'Roboto' font. What does roboto font mean in Instagram profile? Can you please make it clear. I might be missing something. The color code are really helpful tools. I like the platform. Good wishes to you!
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@abir_hs Thank you, the fonts are taken from the website (if you see any inaccuracy, feel free to suggest an edit!).
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Possibility to claim my page and have my brand asset always up to date and available
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Sounds so great and user intuitive, definitely a problem solvers for brands!!
@dotnikstudio Thanks Chaman!